The Benefits of Renting a Vehicle on Holiday

When taking a holiday in a foreign country, many people choose to rent a car for ease of mobility, and to reach places that would otherwise not be possible if taking public transport. A lot of holiday-goers enjoy the independence that a rental vehicle gives them, which is not afforded by being attached to a tour group. Renting your own vehicle when on holiday certainly allows the luxury of freedom as well as an opportunity to save money, whether you are a solo-traveller, travelling as a couple, or as a family.

The Joy of the Open Road

In certain places around the world, renting your own car is not only a good option, but wins hands down as the most preferred choice. Take, for example, that dream trip to New Zealand that you have in the pipeline; rental cars are the way to go once you’ve landed on the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. With decent roads built to a high standard, driving is a made a pleasure as you embark on your journey of a lifetime – independently and without the restriction of being attached to a fixed schedule.

Make Your Own Route

The beauty of hiring your own vehicle is that each day presents a new opportunity. On a trip to New Zealand, for example, many travellers choose to explore the South Island through use of their own vehicle. With an extremely sparse population, sheer rugged beauty, and miles of perfectly-paved roads in between each stop, the South Island of New Zealand is ripe for a journey of discovery with your own hire car. Many travellers chose their vehicle from the large selection of rental cars in Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, and then take a route down the southeast coast before traversing over to the east coast to make the journey back round to complete the loop, taking in the sights of Fiordland as they pass it. The entire journey takes about a week, but of course, the beauty of travelling it in your own hire car is that you can make stops wherever you please.

Be Quids In, Whilst On The Road

Certainly, many travellers choose to rent their own vehicle whilst on holiday, not only for the freedom it affords, but also as a smart way to save money. Cars can be rented for as little as $22 NZD (£12 GBP / $16 USD) per day for rentals up to a week, with significant savings being offered if you choose to rent for a longer period. You can rent your car straight from Christchurch Airport, meaning that you don’t even need to spend money on a taxi to collect it. Once on the road, petrol prices are reasonable throughout New Zealand, and travellers always report a great travel experience that hasn’t left them with empty pockets at the end of their trip.

Renting your own vehicle whilst on holiday makes sense, if you enjoy the freedom of the open road, choosing your own route, and being savvy with your funds. Booking your vehicle couldn’t be easier, and can be rented months in advance with a maximum choice of vehicles, meaning the rest of your time can be left hassle-free as you begin to plot your preferred road trips for your upcoming holiday.

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