The Moyne Room at Sinclair Restaurant

If you are an executive or someone looking for private meetings at a restaurant in Montreal, you should probably go through the private rooms available at Restaurant Sinclair. The reason for saying this is the attractive private rooms available at the Sinclair restaurant. So, let us see, how this room, named the Moyne Room to serve your need what specifications it has.

What is the meaning of Moyne Room at Sinclair Restaurant?

First to know is what we mean by Moyne? According to the dictionary definition of Moyne, it means to have a strong or a great desire in helping people and also drawing yourself to a certain position of philanthropic service. So, by the name you can find that this is a special room of the Sinclair restaurant which focuses on the general people. In other words, this is the entry level of all the private rooms available at Sinclair restaurant.

How many people can be accommodated at the Moyne Room of Sinclair Restaurant?

The Moyne room being the entry level room of all the private rooms available, it serves the general people. Thus, the seating accommodation or setting is also quite standard. Now, there are two types of seating arrangement. One is the arrangements for a meal. In this arrangement, the Moyne room is large enough to hold approximately 80 people. The second type of arrangement at the Moyne room of the Sinclair restaurant is for the cocktail parties. Since this is not a meal, arrangements are more compact, thereby leading to a total housing capacity of approximately 120 people.

By these figures, one can see that this is certainly not room for meeting with reputed delicate or having small family gatherings. Rather, this room is more suitable for large gatherings and parties. Also, hosting birthday parties and bachelor’s parties are quite common in the Moyne room of Sinclair restaurant.

To top up the matter, the interior designing and the attractiveness of this room just will keep you spell bound, and you would certainly want to pay a second visit here.

In short, terms, keeping the matter in a gist, if you are someone looking to host big parties or large gathering of family, friends, and relatives, then this Moyne room of Sinclair restaurant is probably one of the best options available for you. The standard arrangements with great housing capacity and the quality of interior designing and the attractiveness make this one of the best choice available in the market of this field.