Why you should choose OxGord?

The main problems you face while travelling with your pets

A happy pet means happy life. Every pet owner takes the responsibility of taking care of his pet and providing the best for the furry ball of love as much as possible. During travelling, it becomes very inconvenient to carry your pet inside a bag which causes a lot of suffocation and anxiety. Your pet will suffer from breathlessness and it will hamper his health. So here are a few pointers to remember how to make sure this does not happen.

  1. Buy a ventilated carrier: most carriers are ventilated but they do not have the facilities to provide the utmost comfort to your pet. They are already out of their comfort zones, so try to make it a point that they do not feel threatened by any other inconvenience.
  2. Be careful with their head: it is often noticed that the heads are kept in a locked position so that they are not able to move about or bite any stranger. This causes a great difficulty to the pets which generate a rather aggressive nature. They must have room to move about or else they will become sick or have an aversion towards the carrier.

Why choose the best carrier?

The best dog carriers have the quality to support your dogs as well as make them feel at home. OxGord carriers have the capability to provide that comfort to your dog. The intricate detailing of these carriers is meant for your sweet pup to feel peaceful while he is travelling. It is a neat way to carry your dog where even he can enjoy the feel of travelling and continue to be safe as well.

Why OxGord?

Most of the dog carriers have the tendency to wither and tear apart because the dogs chew them. OxGord has the special fabric used which is susceptible to the chewing of your dog and will remain good as new just like it was bought yesterday. No wonder why they the best for your furry friend.

Considerations to make before buying comfort for your pet’s travel

Make sure of the following things before buying:

  • Measure your dog
  • Carry him to the store if possible
  • Make some research if your pet is allergic to some kind of fabric
  • Buy some additional toys for him to play while you are travelling

If you remember these before buying the dog carrier, there is nothing to worry about and your sweet, naughty and furry friend will remain safe and sound inside that carrier.