Holidays in Sardinia – Finding Archipelagos and Ocean Parks

Sardinia along its shoreline provides extensive archipelagos and ocean parks of rare beauty. We recommend a vacation to the primary ones for example La Maddalena, Asinara and Tavolara.

La Maddalena is definitely an archipelago put into north-eastern Sardinia overlooking the little capital of scotland- Palau. It offers seven primary islands named La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli. It is simple achieve La Maddalena with a short ferry trip in the Palau harbour.

La Maddalena town, after some greater than 11.000 occupants, is characterised for that nice historic downtown dated during the 1700s. It’s twinned using the French cities of Ajaccio and Nice. La Maddalena has cultural influences using the nearby island of Corsica mainly in the local dialect. It’s located for several years a united states military base now totally dismantled and most likely because of this it preserves still wild areas.

The area of Caprera, within the same archipelago, continues to be for lengthy time the residence of Giuseppe Garibaldi, an italian man , hero from the reunification, that built-in this islet his home never abandoned before the last times of his existence. Garibaldi house is now a fascinating museum which is possible visit it to uncover a little but still uncontaminated 1800s corner and also to be aware of private existence from the primary historic figure from the Italian Risorgimento.

Spiaggia Rosa (Rose Beach) within the Budelli islet continues to be the group of Michelangelo Antonioni movie Il Deserto Rosso (The Red Desert), because of its wildness and yearning beauty.

The area of Asinara is situated, on the other hand, within the north-western Sardinia and is one of the Porto Torres town. A little funnel separates it from Punta Falcone. A brief history of the small Sardinian stretch began throughout the Neolithic era as proven by a few finds which is ongoing with several dominations as lengthy as with 1885 it grew to become a penal colony. From 1885 to 1999 it’s been totally inaccessible and beginning from sixties before the reopening as Park, it’s located terrorists as Raffaele Cutolo and mafiosi as Salvatore Riina. Today it is among the more gorgeous areas in Sardinia because of its wild beauty brought on by its prolonged isolation.

It’s curious to understand the name has origin from the wild donkeys population that today represents a tourist attraction. Asini may be the Italian concept of donkeys which explains why the specific island is Asinara (something as Donkeys Island).

The archipelago of Tavolara is near to Olbia which is created by three small islets: Tavolara, the greatest and also the primary one, Molara and Molarotto. It is part of the Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo ocean park which is considered one of the most beautiful stretches of coast from the whole Mediterranean and beyond.

The Area of Tavolara throughout the 1800s continues to be protagonist of the fascinating and mysterious story. It had been the residence of the Ligurian man known as Giuseppe Bertoleoni which has arrived at Sardinia in the finish from the 1700s. Throughout the the very first many years of 1800s he’s made the decision to occupy the area, in those days not inhabited, and it has announced themself King of Tavolara.

The Condition of Tavolara during its short history grew to become a little Kingdome, most likely the smaller sized from the whole history, with 55 occupants. This Kingdome continues to be formally identified by the Queen from the U.K. that in the finish of 1800s has sent there some emissaries to consider a photograph from the King and the court on her private collection. That photo continues to be demonstrated within the Buckingham Palace. It had been rejoined, without official functions, throughout the twentieth century towards the Italian territory and today gives hospitality towards the descendants from the first King that manage the 2 restaurants around the island along with a ferry line connecting using the Sardinian territory.