Important Interior Features You Must Look For When Renting an RV

Selecting the best recreational vehicle that matches all your requirements is quite a taxing task. One has to go through various options and evaluate their pros and cons before landing a decision. However, there are several renowned RV rental services that take care of all these hassles for their clients, and help them find the perfect Rvs. The most common concern of RV renters is that the vehicle should be fully equipped with all the basic amenities they would need on the road.

Almost all modern Rvs come with a very practically designed interior which is usually divided into portions much like our own homes. These sections are usually categorized into the Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Area and Bathroom. Usually the living area is right behind the driver’s cabin and the rest of the sections follow the lounging area. As the kitchen and bedroom are the most crucial for a peaceful road trip, below are a few features you must consider when renting an RV to make sure that it fits all your needs.

1.     The Bedroom

The most important thing to look for in an RV is its bedroom and bathroom. Some of the things that you should essentially look for when renting one are:

●       Bed Access

Needless to say that you must check if the bed can be accessed from both sides; anyone using the bed shouldn’t have difficulty in climbing in and getting off. You also need to make sure the bed is centrally located in the space and can fit a mattress of your choosing.

●       Sufficient Wardrobe Space

You’ll be carrying more clothes and luggage for longer road trips. Therefore, you must check the vehicle for enough closet space — make sure it is well-equipped with shelves and hanging rods. Having a practically designed closet onboard can make travel a lot smoother as you’ll have enough space to store and change clothes during your trips.

2.     The Kitchen

If you are planning a long road trip, and will probably spend more than a day on the road, you are most likely to need an RV that has a fully functional kitchen. The kitchen in an RV comes preinstalled with many of our day-to-day appliances. However, there are a few features that you must definitely focus on:

●       Flooring

It is very important to check the flooring in the kitchen area and ensure that it’s not carpeted. Carpet flooring is not only impractical for a kitchen floor, but is also dangerous. You might want to consider RVs with kitchen floors coated in vinyl or laminated plastic as they are safer and easier to clean.

●       Appliances

The most important factor to look for in an RV’s kitchen is the appliances it is equipped with. An RV must have all the appliances that you would need over the next few days. These appliances include basic kitchen equipments such as a cooking range, oven and dishwasher. Most modern day RVs also contain a washing machine and garbage decomposer.

●       Dining

Most RVs offer portable, standing tables and chairs, which are much more flexible to use than the old tables that usually take up a large chunk of the RV interior. These can often be folded into the RV itself to save space when you are not using them.

●       Counters and Shelves

Just like you won’t rent a home with a counter-less kitchen, similarly, one must never go for an RV that doesn’t have enough counters in its kitchen. This is for the simple fact that you would need place to store food and other items. Not having enough counters can also make it difficult to work in the already small kitchen. Apart from counters, shelves should also be a priority – longer trips need further storage.

Even though the bedroom and kitchen should be your top priority when evaluating an RV, there are other important features that you must consider such as well-adjusted windows, doors and also a fully operational bathroom. Having all of these features available are just some of the many perks of traveling with an RV, which will give the ability to have a much more flexible itinerary.